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Music 4 Peace - Gandhi Tour TV

Oct 2nd 2014

Gandhi Tour TV celebrating Mahatma Gandhi's 145th birthday  on Oct 2nd 2014, the United Nation‘s International Day of Nonviolence, with a global live broadcast on Gandhi Tour TV, supported by Peace Day TV.

Gandhi Tour TV
Music 4 Peace Concert in Nepal

Oct 2nd 2012

Music for Peace Concert at UNESCO Heritage suite Durbar Square Lalitpur, Nepal celebrating Mahatma Gandhi's 143rd birthday on Oct 2nd 2012, the United Nation's International Day of Nonviolence, with a global live broadcast on Peace Day TV, the official broadcaster of the United Nation's International Day of Peace.

Music 4 Peace

Nepal Music Festival

22nd Sept 2012

Music 4 Peace and Nepal Music Festival have teamed up on the International Day of Peace. "We believe that in Nepal, there will be no endearing Peace without Development, and there will be no development without us who stand together for Peace. Music festival involving international and Nepalese musicians

Music 4 Pace at Sundance

The Music 4 Peace announced plans for the 2010 Tour and Initiative at Sundance Film Festival. The tour is a global Initiative created with the intent to arise social change by uniting people through the universal language of music.

Sundance 2010
"Karmically speaking, we have to guess that the Sundance Film Festival is in pretty good shape. The Dalai Lama sent a “message of peace,” which was broadcast during the Music 4 Peace Initiative press conference, an event attended by Dr. Arun Gandhi, the Def Jam founder Russell Simmons and the civil rights leader Dr. Benjamin Chavis"

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About the Music 4 Peace Foundation



The Music 4 Peace Foundation is spreading the hope that one day we will be able to transform our violent history. We create a platform for the youth and give them the possibility to raise awareness that non-violence is something functional and not just a fun dream.


Our mission is to promote peace through music, arts and cultures to support social unity and consistent non-violence to end poverty and protect the environment as well as cultural diversity. Our programs are comprised of cultural projects, events, concerts, festivals, documentaries and educational programs as well as support for other charity organizations and NGO's around the world.

Music 4 Peace Background

Music 4 Peace has achieved an impressing impact in cultural peace education projects, supporting events as the United Nation's "No Excuse Concert" in New York in 2004, relating to the Millennium Development Goals, supporting the world-beat project 1001 WAYS attending Asia's largest World Performing Arts Festival in Pakistan. In 2006 launch of the Gandhi Tour celebrating Gandhiʼs 100 years of Non-violence with Dr. Arun Gandhi, the grandson of the late Mahatma, at the Earthdance Festival in California, as well as the presentation of 30 Days of Peace and The Gandhi Tour at the worldʼs largest music industry fair MIDEM 2007 Cannes / France, Gandhi Tour concerts in New York and London in 2008 - 2009, Music 4 Peace Tour initiative press-conference with Russell Simmons and concerts at Sundance Film Festival 2010.

Music 4 Peace Foundation is expanding the network of partner organizations, communities, celibrities and individuals from around the world to support the mission of a culture of peace.

Tobias Huber, Founder & CEO

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Since 2000 were Tobias Huber, Founder of Music 4 Peace had started this cultural peace foundation.

Music 4 Peace had supported international cultural peace projects in alliance with organizations as M. K. Gandhi Institute, Lord Attenborough's Gandhi Foundation, We the World, Culture of Peace Initiative, SUISA Foundation, World Performing Arts Festival Asia, Pathways to Peace, Earthdance, 30 Days of Peace, UN Millennium Development Goals, White Band Org, Barka Foundation and many others. more   




 Monica M. Collier, Director


Monica M. Collier is working in Arts, Creative Product Design, International PR and Consulting Philanthropy.

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Micah Givens, Project Director

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